As the calendar slowly creeps along our plans change along with the changing weather. Different times of year call for different plans of action for a healthy lawn and landscape. As we enter into spring the weather is warming up and there are some things we offer that can make you happy in the coming months.

What do you think is the single biggest issue we deal with in lawns? There are several pests that do damage above and below the surface of your yard. The one that gives homeowners and commercial account alike the most problem is… crabgrass! When left unattended it can take over areas of your turf. When it becomes fully established it can choke out and kill large areas of healthy turf grass. Then it casually disappears in the fall with the first frost and leaves behind the bare, dead patches in its wake. But, not before it drops its seeds for next year.

That’s where your options begin. Crabgrass is a huge problem, but not one that is without option. Its actually relatively easy to control and all but eliminate.

Crabgrass seeds are like any other seed. There is a soil temperature that is needed to start the germination process. Prior to reaching that temperature it simply lays dormant and waits. What is this magical number? Its 53 degrees for three consecutive days. Now I didn’t say the outside air temperature. I said the SOIL temperature. Good ole dirt. Anything below that wont allow germination. When that magic number is hit… bam!! Its on its way.

Whats the plan? This isn’t a new strategy, and most everyone knows the answer. The most effective method of control is pre emergent products. Getting them down at the correct time, at the correct rate, with a guarantee is priceless. Having a trusted, licensed professional to apply this application is priceless. If you can get a high quality pre emergent on your turf it will make a world of difference.

Green Acres would love the opportunity to work with you, to help give you the lawn you have envisioned. Call us today and one of our team members will come out and assess your lawn needs. We can work with you on specific applications and the timing that should go into them. The convenience and peace of mind of knowing its done right is worth it all. Remember, “Green Acres, you’ll grow to love us!”