Mowing: Green Acres Lawn & Landscape provides complete weekly contract mowing services, including mowing, weed trimming and removal, and cleanup for both residential and commercial properties.

Edging: We provide edging services for cement sidewalks and driveways and approaches to give your property a clean, crisp appearance. Ask us about how we can improve the appearance of asphalt driveways and sidewalks!

Irrigation: We offer complete irrigation installation, repair and maintenance services. Call us to inspect or repair your sprinkler systems, and to provide fall maintenance. Proper maintenance services in the fall will help ensure that your in-ground sprinkler system is ready to go to work when Spring arrives!

Lawn repair: Green Acres Lawn & Landscape can repair damaged spots in lawns caused by animals, insects, foot traffic, automobiles, weed intrusions and storm damage. We can also aerate the soil and dethatch it to remove accumulations of dead grass that prevent your lawn from looking its best!

Seeding and sodding: Whether you’re starting out fresh or caring for an existing landscape, our seeding services can help establish or restore a lush green carpet of grass to your property. We can also lay down sod to help you establish a healthy, green landscape right away.

Spring and fall cleanup: Count on us to conduct your spring and fall cleanings. We remove seasonal debris and give your property a fresh start!

Snow removal: Green Acres Lawn & Landscape offers seasonal snow removal services on a contract basis only. Typically, we can accept snow removal contracts until October. Please contact us early to take advantage of our superior snow removal services!

Tree removal: Think of Green Acres Lawn & Landscape for all of your tree removal and maintenance services. Whether you have trees that need trimming, or trees that need removal, Green Acres can help. We use commercial grade equipment to safely trim or remove trees. We’ll also clean up and haul away all debris, and grind out the stump to eliminate regrowth.