Without doubt, the best time to get rid of crabgrass is before it sprouts. Crabgrass is an annual, and it cannot survive a frost. But its seeds can. That’s why your crabgrass returns year after year. 

A pre-emergent crabgrass treatment kills this pesky weed before it gets going. That’s the ideal way to deal with crabgrass. Pre-emergent treatments are best applied in the spring, before the soil temperature reaches 55°F. Once the crabgrass seeds start to grow, it’s very difficult to get rid of. 

If you have just a few spots, it’s possible to pull the crabgrass by hand, but you have to get the entire root structure out. If you leave roots behind, the plant will come right back. After removing the crabgrass, you’ll need to seed the area aggressively to prevent it (or another weed) from moving in. Some “weed-and-feed” lawn fertilizers can attack crabgrass, but many states regulate the most effective crabgrass treatments, and require them to be applied by lawncare professionals. 

You can also discourage crabgrass by watering. Crabgrass likes hot, dry conditions, so it won’t do very well in a wet summer. For 2020, the National Weather Service is predicting a warmer-than-average summer. They’re less sure about the amount of water we’re going to get. Later summer predictions currently seem to favor the crabgrass. 

Summertime lawn care can still stop crabgrass

If you miss your opportunity to put down a pre-emergent crabgrass treatment, and you can’t remove the crabgrass in your lawn by hand, your next opportunity to address crabgrass will be in the fall, when the frost kills the plant. You can use this brief opportunity to reseed the bare areas of your lawn that the crabgrass left behind. Even this is a little dicey, since the crabgrass has already left seeds behind for next year. 

The best way to ensure that your lawn is free from crabgrass is to work with a lawncare professional to get the right crabgrass treatment and control plan in place. Using applications that are customized for your lawn, a lawn care professional can eliminate weeds like crabgrass, fertilize your lawn and strengthen it, and prevent crabgrass from spreading. Better still, a lawn care professional will adjust the timing of your lawn care plan to tip the balance in your favor! 

If you’re ready to enjoy summer without crabgrass in your lawn, call Green Acres Lawn and Landscape today at (330) 308-0205. We’ll develop a complete lawncare plan to help your lawn look its best all summer long!